The Google Translator

The Google Translator is not a game per se, but I’m sure you could think of some games to play with it.

It’s free, fairly accurate, goes from Spanish to English or English to Spanish (or to and from other languages), and it can now “speak” the Spanish translation, which is pretty amazing!

Note:  Sometimes where are more than one Spanish word that matches an English word.  If you click on any Spanish word, it will turn yellow, and a drop down list will appear of alternative translations for that word.  Pretty cool!  If you want to switch and do Spanish to English, just click the little blue arrow between the two languages; it toggles the direction.

Just click the speaker “Listen” button to hear the Spanish.   Here’s the link to try it yourself:|es|Do you wan to play a game

Do you remember the game where someone whispers and phrase, and each person tries to whisper the phrase to the next person? Usually, the phrase ends up changed quite a bit before it reaches the end of the line. You can try a similar game with the Google translator. Translate something from English to Spanish to German to French … etc… then back to English, and see if still says the same thing.

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